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Leo Burnett Chicago Wins Best Music Placement at Midem

Our USA hub took home a top prize at the prestigious Midem conference.

VP Music Director Gabe McDonough returned from Cannes this week with a little more than a tan.

For Leo Burnett Chicago's Sprint/EVO launch spot (available here), Gabe and his team were awarded "Best Music Placement for a TV Commercial" at Midem, the world's largest conference for the music business. For the project, McDonough and his team created an all-Evo produced Wilco cover. The Chicago band's single entitled "I'm Always in Love" was entirely remade with apps available on Evo. Said McDonough during his Midem presentation: "We wanted to appeal to customers who know that song, and say 'Hey, we understand you,' while also appealing to a mass audience. We know that this is an important song, and an important band (to our target customer), however it's still a song about love."

Love was an important aspect of the "Unlimited Evo, Unlimited Love" campaign for Sprint, and we're just glad some of that came back to Gabe and the entire Sprint team.

Well done!

January 30th 2013
By Liz Fitzgerald